Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is a renowned dive site for being one of the only places in the world to observe the giant Sun fish (Mola mola).  These massive pelagic fish, measuring about 3 metres in height, swim up from the deep to be cleaned by banner fish (species of butterfly fish).  Our chances of seeing this amazing fish are greatest between the months of June and October.

Crystal Bay is named for its crystal-clear waters and therefore typically delivers an incredible visibility.  Protected from large waves, and accompanied by a beautiful white sand beach dotted with coconut trees, this turquoise colored bay is a slice of paradise.  In the middle of the bay is a tiny island with a staircase carved into the rock leading up to a sacred temple.  The dives are made around this island, beginning on a sandy slope that guides us down to the edge of a coral plateau, between 6-10 metres deep, before it drops off into a wall that plummets down to 50 metres and another small plateau can be seen.  This little plateau, however, ends abruptly and drops off again, this time into the depths of the channel that separate Penida Island from Ceningan Island.  In front of you is the blue of the ocean and it’s here that we have the opportunity to cross paths with the mighty (and harmless) Mola Mola.

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