Set amongst the greenery, Designed to accommodate guests who are not traveling as a couple or for those slightly older children holidaying with the family,

A Luxury Triangle Cottage

Honoring local integrity traditions in architecture with a flair of modern design, our luxurious Cottage are spacious and warm, capturing the essence of home away from home. Our distinctive adventure  architecture and closed by natural, around, all designed by local artisans. Nestled in true tropical paradise, our accommodation is an enchanting indulgence.

Adventure Cabin

Below the facility of our cottages,

  • Ocean And  Villages View
  • One Bedroom Cottage Queen Size Bed
  • Air Conditioning
  • Bathroom And The Essentials
  • Fully Stocked Mini Bar

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The Interior
Ocean VIEW

After a day on the beach, retreat, Have a cookout on the grill after picking up some of the local Fish  from the markets in toya pakeh beach or crystal bay .

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The InteriorVillages View


Eeverything that you could want on your vacation. With 6 bedrooms and 6 full baths, 16 people are nicely accomodated!

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Restaurant & Bar

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– Extra –

Return Speed Boat Ticket / Pax IDR.500
Motorbike Rent / Day IDR.100
Car & Driver / Day IDR.900
Bicycle  IDR.50
English & Continental Breakfast FREE
24h Wifi Access FREE