Nusa Penida 360°

Gemar Santay Vol. 1

At its simplest, overlanding is about exploration. Whether traveling by motorcycle, it is about riding the road less traveled and immersing yourself in the environment and culture. Of course, like the aforementioned camping, there will be plenty of campsites.

Few days ago I’m on behalf of event orgaizer try to arrange tiny trip for my old good friends of group & @motographer_adventure  in associate with one and the only @batansabo & co This must be the place. Ride all day long hits offroad and down to beach called Gamat Bay for local pride BBQ of cloud fish aka “be awan” with the most spacy sauce mix with Dry Gin tonic, we shared about the experience in past motorcycles or photography hot topic then Up to pool deck after sun goes down and the gala dinner octopus salad with tuna soup under giant mango tree, we set small Acoustic make all the day much better. I Loss some money for ass hole mother fak*ng yellow card games does’ matter for us to finish the night with fun and Hella.

Anyone interest to do this shit anymore please contact me and we can make them happen soon as possible. If you don’t, I’m promise you will #selep_selep see all the good frame from the most legendary @kadek_artyasa@ag.mahardika & @simarcell.till next time my pren. pak you vlad. #APEL

respect to all the ridder :

@w.lad.daraban @wayanrastika @ag.mahardika @andiregen @ukyrisdiansyah @yudistira_dewa @pandeheryana @gusde @cahya_purnawan @bayupratama @dr.dinarastika @thisisucok @kmgdiktat @wahpoenk @madebayu58 @madesutariana @rodesh_image @kadek_artayasa @gede_visualroom @dedexngk @tuagusvirgo @bydedisurwadi @simarcell

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