Suwehan Beach

95 Minutes From Cabin

The Most Underrated Beach on Nusa Penida. Suwehan Beach is one of those beaches that is literally perfect, with its white powdery sand, luminous turquoise coloured water and towering limestone rock formations. Oh, and not a single tourist in sight.

What if we told you that you could have an entire beach to yourself for the day? Although Nusa Penida is most famous for the unparalleled splendour of Kelingking Beach, Suwehan Beach is also up there as one of the most alluring beaches in Bali. However, you must be sure to experience its resplendency before it gets overrun by other wandering travelers.

Now here’s the catch. There’s a bunch of broken roads, hikes and other obstacles you have to get through in order to reach this perfectly exclusive beach.

Be that as it may, it’s because of its inaccessibility that Suwehan Beach is so unscathed and raw in natural beauty. There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy the ambiance of such a beautiful beach when you’re engulfed by flocks of tourists.

Although Suwehan Beach may be a hassle to get to, it’s worth every step. If you’re in Nusa Penida we recommend you check out Suwehan Beach before it becomes more accessible and popular and the sand is a number one on the island.



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