Temeling Natural Pool

60 Minutes From Cabin

The pool hiding out inside the forest but close to ocean. Imagine how natural and fresh to feel the water.


Its such a magical experience to swim in a natural pool under the cliff. The pool hiding out inside the forest but close to ocean. Imagine, how natural and fresh to feel the water. The attracting love birds song and eco-conscious of lush forest surround will be thrill to visit this spot. Temeling spring positioned at west side of the island, administratively in Batu Madeg Village. From the district center, the same road used as the way to visit Banah Sunset Point, approximately 45 minutes ride from Batan Sabo Cottage.

Arriving in Temeling area, the trip must be continued by using motorcycle if you used car before or just on foot for 1 kilometers pass narrow path track under the forest canopy. In other hand, if you ride motorcycle, last parking area close to Mujaning Temeling Temple, then pass through the path for 200 meters. Watch your way since the path is quite narrow with open deep valley on right side, bit tense. A hike through along route can be a tremendous thing, you get a sense of being alone with nature. This site perfect enough for jungle trekking. we hight recommend hire local people “OJEK” to bring you safe in the the spot.

Ten minutes walk into rocky tracks and a luxurious jungle, you will find a fresh natural spring just few meters away from ocean. There are three main pools everyone can swim there, the top one is the big one, except for ceremony purpose or taking holy water. All has spiritual significance to the locals. The first pool completed with some shrines under the damp cave.

Specifically, the second pool is the widest one, more than 80 meters square and some part reach 5 meters in depth.you can drink directly the water its fresh one. Unfortunately, as the local custom, only men can allowed to swim here. Visitors can dive beneath the surface and the water is as pure as fine blue crystal. The remarkable turquoise color derives from limestone spring water and maybe tidal of sea water. Hemmed by lush tropical flora and alive with birdsong, this natural pool is nothing short of paradise with its clear spring.

The last pool for women is down by the beach and as shallow as a kids pool, tend for soaking than swimming but the view is awesome. Get  a glimpse of natural force blend of the ocean and giant cliffs surrounding you while you body relax in the water. At the beach, you will see a cave with a pathway through to another beach. See the hidden lagoon and gigantic steep cliff. Make a list to visit one of the islands deep jungles, swim in natural spring pool and get inspired by its virgin beach with a high rise cliff and and ocean backdrop.

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