Pandan Beach

25 Minutes From Cabin

The beach is 10-15 minutes walk from crystal beach, take the broken stairs on the left side of crystal beach. At times you can have the beach to yourself – the waves / currents can be a bit strong

The Pandan beach is located right next to the Crystal Bay. However, the way is something arduous, for it but we were lucky to have the beach all to ourselves. And he is really a thousand times nicer than the Crystal Bay. You can not miss dan Pandan Beach actually: just run at the Crystal Bay to the left. At the end of the beach at the foot of the mountain, one can guess a staircase. The lower levels were no longer available, but could you upload climb that easily. Then it goes up quite awhile (approx. 15-20 minutes) stairs. It was quite tiring in the Sun. Because you’re a forest through which the air there is and it was very warm. Also the stairs you made too bad not always look so serious, but everything. Once at the top’s descends straight and then a piece of stairs. That takes even once about 10 minutes. And then out comes Pandan Beach in the Bay. The sand is fine and both black and white. It looks just great. The waves are quite strong. Snorkeling or extensive reading is therefore not possible, but a little fun in the waves have is no problem. Shadows can be found on the sides of the Bay. Otherwise, there are a few bizarre branches and beautiful rocks. Just a place for the soul to relax and not a comparison to the very full Crystal Bay. Crystal Bay you can not enjoy for example at all the Outlook through the many boats. It’s different at Pandan beach. If you so already there, you should necessarily take the road to this secluded beach is!

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