Angle Billabong

45 Minutes from Cabin
Reached by a rugged path, this natural pool is picturesquely framed by rock cliffs & an arch.

Where is your destination for you are visiting Bali Island? Actually, this province has some beautiful Islands. The islands have exotic panorama and easily enough to reach it. One of them is Angle Billabong in Nusa Penida Island; this island bid up so many destination objects with the hidden graciously. It made the list of destination tourist in Bali Island more completely. Popular destination objects in this area include; Teletubbies Hills, Atuh Beach, Uug Beach, Banah Beach, Toya Pakeh, Smoke Beach. Some of another tour destination objects included some temples. The place is a place for praying Hinduism people.


1. Interesting Place

Angle Billabong was an interesting place in Nusa Penida Island. This destination object bid up the beautiful panorama of nature. It can’t be found at another destination in Bali Island. This destination object is the end of the river. Where the water flow but the water of the river is not yet directly touch the sea. This water was made as like a natural pool and around the pool. There is some cliff of coral made the pool became more exotic.

2. Quiet and Calm Place

A destination objects with the name of Angle Billabong perhaps still strange to hear from so many people. Even for the people who lived on the main Island of Bali. It is because the location of this place is far enough from the main Island of Bali. That location made this beauty and the exotic destination. It is quiet from the tourist either domestic or foreigner tourist.

3. An Unique Pool

Angle Billabong Nusa Penida coffered a natural pool and the pool located in the hole among some coral stones. The poll has also become estuary or the ending of the river before the water flows into the sea. The water at the pool combined with both of marine water. It brought with the wave and fresh water from the river. The remainder water of the wave trapped in the hole. It made the hole has clear water until we can see the bottom of the hole. Of course, it makes this place became very beautiful and exotic. It flirt the tourist to swim in the hole with the clear and fresh water. The condition of the hole made it became the instagramable place in Bali Island.

4. The Hole Among Coral Stones

Need to remind and very important to be attentive when you visited this destination. You want to swim in the hole. You must see the situation of the wave or the water around you. The best time to visit this place and swim in the hole is when the water is withdrawn. Over there was forbidden to swim when the water is flooded tide. It because the wave may be able to come unexpectedly which it can pull the people and beat them to the coral stones around the hole. Visiting destination object as like Angle Billabong have not to swim but you can relax and take pictures in this beautiful area with its graciously. You will feel relax and refresh your daily activity, enjoying so many beautiful coral stones with its kinds. It will become your unforgettable experience. Text & Photos by BATAN SABO COTTAGE

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